Fethiye, Where Time Flies, But the Pace is Slow.

Fethiye and  it’s resort towns all benefit from absolutely stunning scenery.  A laid back approach to life is the norm and whether on holiday or living here, there is always a temptation to just stop and stare.


With property being a lot cheaper than much of Europe, there is more affordable housing here and the upkeep is a lot cheaper too.

If your income is in sterling, then the cost of living comes very reasonable and  your money will go so much further than in the UK.

The lifestyle too, is relaxed yet with plenty to do, with friendly locals, great markets, mild Winters and a great minibus service, making it easy to get around, where walking is a pleasure, food shopping especially in the markets a joy and a choice of beaches if you fancy a swim and do not have a pool of your own.

The range of properties is wide, with older style apartments and houses, through to very modern contemporary smart houses and apartments and price ranges are mixed too, giving most people plenty of choice when looking for their home in Turkey.

If you are looking for a holiday home, then this is the perfect place with very hot Summers and so much to do and see, you could never be here long enough to get bored with it, plus if you wish to earn an income, be it just enough to cover any maintenance fees or a regular Summer income, then you just have to decide between the resorts and find the ideal property for sale.

To live here, is a joy especially if you are retired, when you do not have to worry about working as this is the nub for those not of retirement age as a work permit is required to work here if you are not a Turkish national, and this is subject to restrictions.  It is not impossible to find legal work in the area, but, it is not easy and unlikely to be year round.   İf you have children and work is not an issue, this is a great place to bring a child up, the ex-pat mum’s are very supportive, the children are far more likely to have an more outdoor lifestyle than in a City or large town environment and there are both state run and private schools plus creche facilities.

Food here is usually fresh, there are markets most days as it does move around but the main market is in Fethiye on a Tuesday and here you can stock up on your fruit and veg, butter, cheeses and yoghurt, herbs and spices, hand made soaps, fresh nuts and at some of the markets there is a chicken stall (van).  You can also buy household goods such as pots, pans, towels, sheets and curtains clothes, shoes, ornaments and even watches, glasses and jewellery, in fact, almost everything you could possibly want.  In Fethiye itself there is the Fish Market, where you would go to buy fresh fish for your dinner and if you do not fancy the smell of fish in your home, one of the restaurants that surrounds the market place will cook it for you for a cover fee, plus of course, they will offer a range of meze and salads.  There is also a vegetable market backing onto the fish market and there are herbal shops, butchers and sellers of cheeses around this area.  Full of character this too is a great place to buy your fresh food.


For convenience, there are many supermarkets, each with different weekly offers, so grabbing a bargain practically becomes a sport. 

Many people worry about medical care when they are abroad, here it is very important to have health insurance be this private or once you have been here on a year’s residents permit, you can apply for the government insurance scheme, this is not necessarily the cheapest option but it is comprehensive and you do not get refused cover for certain illnesses you may develop after you have been accepted on the scheme.  If you are under 65 (not in receipt of a government pension) then you are required to have health insurance in order to obtain a residents permit.  Medical care here is good, if you have a resident’s permit then you will be allocated a gp in your area, who is free of charge to you and will carry out basic blood tests each year and look after your general health.  İf you are on SSK (goverment health care) then many things at the government hospital are free or very discounted, the dental hospital also is very cheap for all routine works and is housed a lovely modern building with many dentists to choose from.  There are private hospitals and clinics, you would need to check which one your insurance company deals with, but, if you have SSK you do receive a cheaper bill as the Government will pay for/towards necessary tests etc.  If you wish to make an appointment with any of the above, you can do so, by phoning, popping in or online.  As a general rule the healthcare here is very good and you rarely have to wait long for appointments or results which is a result in itself.

Life-style in general is more outdoors, even if it is just sitting in a comfy chair on your terrace or balcony watching the World go by, or taking a walk along a promenade or a forest trail, or getting on your bike and using one of the new bike lanes in Fethiye, or exploring the various areas of Ovacik, Hisaronu and Kaya.   Of course, days are spent at the beach or by the pool as well and there is a really large choice of places and cuisines to eat.

Fethiye, Where Time Flies, But the Pace is Slow.








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