Family Friendly Fun in Fethiye & Surrounding Areas

Some Family Friendly Places to go.

Anywhere, children are nearly always welcome wherever you go and the Turkish peoples are very tolerant of children, not expecting them to be overly quiet or still and being unsurprised if they are messy eaters and therefore, children are usually more comfortable and far less likely to be overly naughty. 

The local beaches, of course will keep them amused, many parents of young children prefer the lagoon beaches, due to the more sandy beach areas and very gently sloping shallow water.   Many of the private beaches also have childrens play areas, shady areas and they rent out sunbeds and umbrellas plus there are pedalos etc., for hire as well. 


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But, we do now have places that have been designed or opened with families in mind and some of these are below.

OluDeniz Water World.   High slides and low slides, pirate ships and ring rides, children’s areas in the sun and in the shade, food, fun and plenty for all the family to do, a cashless environment, just charge up a card and lock your valuables away, this water park currently, is the largest in the area and will pick you up and drop you back with it’s shuttle service.  Splish, splash but will not cost you too much cash. 

There is a facebook page and a web page


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A smaller water park, but, also a great day out, is Gurol water park in Hisaronu, a nice restaurant, a choice of slides, a smaller children’s area and plenty of fun in the sun.   Facebook page for more information is


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While away an hour, in the Upside House in Ovacik, Sihirland.  Great holiday photos and good fun, walk on the ceiling and don’t fall off!  They also have a nice litte café area outside, where you can have a cool drink and a snack.



For outside play and for the adventurous, climbing and zip-lining fun can be had in the forestry of Ovacik, at the Fethiye Adventure Park.   Suitable for children and adults too, with different courses for different skill levels,  a lovely café where you can have a snack and a drink and of course, tons of fresher than fresh pine laden air,  for some colour coded fun, you can check out their web page and book yourselves something a little different from the norm.  


Quite a few of the restaurants and bars have play areas for children, the Fez has a lovely outside area, Lazy Turtle, Pizza Pepino, to name just a few all have provision for children and Flares have a full play area/games room with rides, play station, x box and more at a reasonable charge, plus birds and rabbits outside. But, I have yet to see a bar or restaurant in this area, where children are not welcomed and made to feel special.  

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Cinbal barbecue restaurant in Kaya, where you cook your own meat, has a  play area and is great for all the family.


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There is also a mini golf course in Ovacik, which is small, but, great for an hour’s distraction.


For slightly older children and their families is Hotel Room Escape at the Gondol Apartments is great fun and a bit of exercise for the brain cells as well.   But if you have children under 9 then don’t worry, the owners generally hide a few sweeties in the room for them to find.



There is a new gaming centre opened in Hisaronu, which seems to be very popular, next to Bitters Bar, which is between the two roundabouts.


If you want to spend some time in the cool, you could do worse than to get the dolmus down to Fethiye’s Erasta.  There is a large play area (wouldn’t you know it, right next to the toy shop) on the first floor, you can get a payment card, put credit on it and away you go.  With rides, a play area where they can clamber, climb and shriek, loads of air conditioning, this can make a nice change.  Also in this area is a lovely small bowling alley, so you can also have a family game of bowls.  The food halls are on this level of the shopping centre, with fast food Turkish style and American/European style.   This floor also hosts the cinema and it can be worth checking which films are on, many of the films are sub-titled into Turkish rather than being dubbed, so perfect for some holiday viewing.  To find out what is on, please click on this link, it should also show which are in the original language and which have been dubbed into Turkish.


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  For great shopping, yummy ice cream and good coffee, the ground floor level is ideal and there are some rides and a game for two for little ones as well.


If you do go into Fethiye, the parks along the harbour are great, with the fountains, children’s park areas that are lit up at night, the large open area, (in front of the rather blue culture centre) where the local children roller skate, practice on their skate boards, or just run around like mad things and sometimes watch a free show or concert if one is on.


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There are street vendors usually to be found selling sweetcorn, ice cream and mussels, such a nice mix. 

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There are plenty of places to eat and drink from McDonalds (with a play area on the first floor) to Sultan’s patisserie with pastries, cakes and ice-creams, fast food and cool drinks, fish and chips, kebab’s, traditional Turkish food and of course, restaurants and bars with a good menu, beer and wine and fruit cocktails and milk shakes for the smaller ones.  If you wander along Paspatur, the cobbled more traditional area, off the one way road, you will come to the little duck pond, with resident ducks, shops and stalls selling genuine Turkish carpets, hand crafted gifts and toys, Turkish delights, fruit teas, herbs and spices, great for all the family to walk around and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

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There is also a museum in Fethiye, small but perfectly formed and open during day time only.  It is situated in the main school area, in Central Fethiye,  with plenty to look at this museum will while away an hour or two.

The link is the museum web page and the information should be in English, you can find out where it is and what is currently on display.

Details of the costs etc, are also on here and you can take a virtual tour online as well.



And very importantly hopefully, they will get so spot some of our famed wild life.

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