Do It Yourself Days Out

Do It Yourself Days Out

Our friendly local tortoise Cyril often has his family to visit and they like to do something different, but, at their leisure rather than something with set times and days. Anything, I think to stop his uncle Terry eating all his cherries.

        Cherry stealing uncle Terry and Cyril  #sunrisepropertiesturkey#


As there is a lovely new park , Cyril said why not give Calis a mention, so, here you are.



new sign in Calis                                             the statue of Fethiye bey  after whom Fethiye#yay# is named

A lovely day out in the heat of the Summer, could be a trip to the new park in Fethiye/Calis which opened in July of this year.  The Sehit Fethiye Bey Park is newly laid and very well planned with lots of interesting walks with some modern sculptures, fantastic children’s play area, outside gym, water features and so much more.  The best way to reach this is coming down on the Fethiye dolmus and get off at the last stop, which is also where you can pick up the Sahilden Calis dolmus, which goes into Calis.  You would ask to get off at the Court (Adliye) or Hospital (Hastane), the park is very big and very hard to miss, just cross the road and you are there. 

park photos courtesy of Angela Sowten

After the park you can either walk along the pathways into Calis or just cross the road and jump back on the Sahilden bus and go on into Calis , enjoy the breeze at the beach area there (the promenade is lined with restaurants and  bars, so you can have a snack or meal and a nice refreshing drink) and then, get on the water taxi (these set off from the area under the bridge, ) for a lovely breezy journey into Fethiye

 Or get off at the dolmus final stop and walk up to the Surf café area of the beach, where you can watch the kite boarders and windsurfers, zipping through the sea and brightening up the view with the flashes of colours as they pass by.   

Calis is well known for the beauty of it’s sunset and if you are on the promenade or further up at the Surf café end, make sure you have a camera ready for the nightly show as supplied by mother nature herself.

Sunday is market day in Calis, the market is lively and the dolmus from Fethiye divert there each week.   Less crowded than the Fethiye market, it is a great place to grab a bargain and mix with the locals whilst they buy their start of week fruit and veg.

During breeding season, (September) loggerhead turtles come to Calis beach and the other beaches along this stretch of coastline, to lay their eggs, usually at night time.   When the eggs hatch, they baby turtles make the dangerous journey (predators) down to the water an hopefully off to a long life and in around 30 years, to return to the same beach and lay their eggs and continue the cycle, from generation to generation.

Duck Island.  This is near the bird sanctuary and close to the new park.  In the sea, but only a few metres out, stopping off and checking out the ducks is part of many a local family’s Sunday walk, having visited the Lighthouse café play area first.

Kus Cenneti, (Bird’s Paradise) is along from the new park area, going towards Calis, it covers quite a large area, of swampy type land and waterways and runs to the sides of the canal and Sat Beach Club.  This is a protected area and left lovely and unspoilt as nature intended and there are all sorts of birds here, from kingfishers to sparrows, cormorants to cranes and far too many more to mention.

photograph courtesy of Casey Russell


Sovalye Island.  From Sat Beach there is a water taxi that will take you to this Island.  Sovalye is the word for Knight and many moons ago, it is said, where it is said the Knights of St.John settled for a while, built a monastery and did a touch of piracy to keep themselves going.  On Sovalye there are some beautiful houses and a great restaurant.   You can easily walk around the Island in less than an hour, maybe take a dip in the clear waters from the little beachy areas sometimes swimming over the remains of submerged houses and see if you can find the remains of the monastery/chapel.  Then you can take a water taxi back to Fethiye and the dolmus back to your resort.         




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