Do It Yourself Days Out Fethiye

DIY Days Out  -       Family Fun, Food ,  Fashion and Fabulousness in Fethiye:

Just a mini bus away from OluDeniz, Hisaronu, Ovacik, Kaya and Calis, Fethiye is the local main town, a tourist resort in its own right and a real Turkish town, with thousands of homes, centuries worth of history, stunning coastline, harbour and marina, fantastic markets, a closed in shopping centre, lots of places to eat and drink, parks a plenty and friendly locals.

The joy of a DIY day out is of course you can just decide to up and go, or plan the day, truly up to you as it is as easy as sticking out your arm for the mini bus.  You can go out for the entire day and return late at night or just for an hour or two, the choice is absolutely yours.


For Air conditioned comfort, plenty to do with shops, games area, food hall, cinema and bowling, coffee and cakes, simit and cay, you can get off (just tell the driver he will automatically stop here) at Erasta.   


 There is a large play area (wouldn’t you know it, right next to the toy shop) on the first floor, you can get a payment card, put credit on it and away you go.  With rides, a play area where they can clamber, climb and shriek, loads of air conditioning, this can make a nice change.  Also in this area is a lovely small bowling alley, so you can also have a family game of bowls.  The food halls are on this level of the shopping centre, with fast food Turkish style, pizza and American/European style (Kentucky chicken, Subway and Burger King).   This floor also hosts the cinema and it can be worth checking which films are on, many of the films are sub-titled into Turkish rather than being dubbed, so perfect for some holiday viewing.  To find out what is on, please click on this link, it should also show which are in the original language and which have been dubbed into Turkish.

On the lower level, more shops, sweet stalls, ice cream stall, a small play area, coffee shops and outside is Starbucks.

The shopping centre opens at 10am and closes at 11pm.


Fancy some traditional Turkish Food rather than the fast food on offer in Erasta.  Carefully cross the road and go into one of the Lokantas there, mingle with the locals and point and pick to the foods on offer or order a traditional kebab.  Please do not be put off by the sign that tells you your sulu yemek is slops, good old google translate, it actually means braised/cooked in liquid/sauce.  




If you stay on the bus and get off at the main mosque, (the last stop) it is easy to reach, the old town, the harbour, shops, bars and just about everything.


We all love a market and the main market is in Fethiye on a Tuesday, oddly enough it is referred to as the Tuesday market.

Here, you will mix with the locals it is where we buy our fruit and veg, herbs and spices, wooden spoons and the odd tee shirt.   In the main market place there is also the villagers market, (small holders) selling their fruit veg and spices on a Friday plus on a Saturday there is the Patlangic market, which is a smaller version of the Tuesday market. 

Lunch at the Tuesday market is in an area that lines the canal, a tiny bit cooler than the main market itself, the pancakes  (gozleme) or the baslama (a type of bread which they stuff or top with cheese and other fillings) are a nice traditional lunch, although, you can get a kebab if you wish.


Afterwards, you can walk into Fethiye following the down ward canal (you can see the harbour at the bottom) and if you did not eat in the market, eat at the mcdonalds, the pizza restaurant or eat at one of the many local restaurants or cafes in the harbour area.  Very popular if you cross to the harbour and go to the right  is the Hello Café, where you can more or less guarantee a nice breeze, definitely guarantee a lovely view. They sell snacks such as toasties and drinks and stale bread which you can feed to the fish which churn up the water to the delight of children and sorrow of fishermen as they would not be allowed to catch them there. The promenade and bike lanes along here, go all the way down to Calis and the new park.




 If you cross at the lights and go directly onto the harbour, the park here is very pretty, the fountains are quite cooling, there is a great play area for the children if you have any with you and it is a pretty way to walk into the main Fethiye area.

Anywhere along the marina and harbour you will usually find vendors of ice cream, sweet corn, simit and possibly oysters. 


In the roads between the harbour and main Fethiye,  there is a cinema, a juice café on the corner of the harbour and opposite the Culture Centre (very blue building) where shows are often housed in the Summer, giving a bit of free entertainment. There is a big Sultan’s patisserie, very popular locally for the stunning, gooey cakes, sumptuous desserts, pies and pastries, snacks, ice creams, tea and coffee, very reasonably priced and popular with locals and tourists alike. 


Karagozler is near the Marina, there is an ampitheatre here, with very old houses nestling in the mountain side above, but below the road referred to as lovers lane where people stop and sit at the picnic tables to take in the view of Fethiye bay , breathtaking always.  The road from here, also goes through forestry to Kaya village or along to the fortress above Fethiye, and along from that the rock Tombs.



Cross that main road and you will find plenty more shops, banks, bars and fab places to eat. 

There are chains/brands such as Garaj, LC Waikiki and more individual boutiques, plus sports- wear shops such as Nike for clothes, shoes and accessories for all the family.

Paspatur is popular with tourists being very pretty and with cobbled streets, the duckpond restaurant, shops selling traditional goods, nearly is Umbrella Street, the fish market is in the general area here and is full of character, a great place to buy your fish and  get one of the restaurants surrounding the fishmongers to cook it for you.  The atmosphere in the fish market is always good and it is very popular with locals as well as with tourists.  There is also a veggie market next to the fish market and shops around both of these sell all sorts from hand made toys and touristic gifts to herbs and spices and home remedies. 



Eating in Fethiye is great, there are so many restaurants serving traditional Turkish foods, a fantastic range of salads, fresh fish, great meat dishes and is ideal for vegetarians as much of the traditional Turkish food is vegetable based,  there are many places where you can just have a snack, a toastie or a burger, the World is your Oyster (usually served on the shell with lemon from men standing on street corners).



If you are here of an evening, you will find in the old town area some really good bars, open until the early hours, with a mix of traditional and live music to clubs. 

Or of course, you can just have a refreshing pint whilst wandering around, whatever the time.


When you have had enough, you can make your way back to the main dolmus stop, uphill from the mosque and back to your resort.  The final dolmus of the day is around 1am.


  And Terrence our favourite visitor, will no doubt be waiting for you and hoping you have brought him some nice fruit for his breakfast.






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