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There are a variety of charities in the general Fethiye area, all of whom depend upon volunteers, people turning up for their fund-raising activities, donations and of course shop sales.

When you are here in a holiday home or hotel, it is very easy to help in some way.  Please Don't Dump, instead Donate.

All the charities mentioned below are legally under the umbrella of  Fethiye Tourism, Promotion, Education, Culture and Environment Foundation (FETAV), a local Turkish charitable foundation. 


There are three main charities that assist children in the Fethiye area, which covers not only places such as the government hospital in Calis, but, reaches out to the many little villages in the mountains and countryside around, where much help is needed.


A little bit about Fig and how you can help is below.

The first charity started mainly by ex-pats is Fethiye International Guild (FIG), which is a fantastic children’s charity.


They have a charity shop, that always need goods, so, if at the end of your holiday, you have things that you don’t want to carry with you, the odd top, that you did not like on, unopened sun creams or toiletries, kids swimwear, books, magazines etc., they would be ideal for sale in the Fig Shop, which is in Patlangic.  There is a double effect with this, as the area is quite mixed and people are buying clothes and goods that maybe they would struggle to afford in the shops, plus the moneys raised from these sales of course, goes to local children in various ways.   There is a drop off point  in Hisaronu ottoman treasures in hisaronu opposite bar Rossi. Ismail Tasar is patron of ottoman treasures    If you can't get your goods to there, then, just leave a message on the FIG facebook page and someone will arrange an easy drop off place or for someone to pick up.


FIG pay bursaries for some children from very poor homes to go to University, which hopefully, will end with them getting their degrees and improving their own lives and hopefully that of their families.   They also, carry out projects at village schools, providing whatever is needed, from fencing off a huge drop, to providing a new soba for heating, books, pens, pencils etc., and essential equipment, which has been known to include shoes.  When volunteers visit the villages, there are always little gifts for the children.

The local hospital now has a ward dedicated to children who suffer from a blood condition, Thalessemia (often referred to as Mediterranean disease.)  Prior to the set up of this ward, they would have to travel to hospitals in other cities for treatment.  FIG provided funds for this.  

They pay for a school service for a family who cannot afford to pay the fares to send their child to school, assist with refugees, 

Basically, if there are cases of hardship and need, FIG will do their utmost to help.


As holiday makers, in Calis, Fethiye, Hisaronu, Oludeniz and Ovacik, you can help by donating and attending fund raising events. As residents, not only donating and attending fund raising functions, but of course, volunteers for the shop and for events are always needed.


As well as the shops, FIG organises coffee mornings, craft fayres, special evenings and charity boat trips.


A Link to the FIG web page is here  http://figfethiye.com/ 

Facebook Page   https://www.facebook.com/figfethiye/ 

The chairman is Sheila Tongue.

And information received from the popular 3C's Calis Childrens Charity.

Çalış Children's Charity also known as the 3C's was set up in 2010 and operates legally under the banner of the Fethiye Tourism, Promotion, Education, Culture and Environment Foundation (FETAV), a local Turkish charitable foundation.

 The aims of Çalış Children’s Charity are: ''To actively serve the young people of the Çalış and Fethiye area by raising charitable capital, by providing much needed equipment for groups and individuals, and by providing services that contribute to the health, education and vitality of the community”.

Much of our funding is raised through our charity shop which sells items that have been donated to us.

The shop is located in Koca Çalış on Köçek Mustafa Caddesi next to Tom London Cafe Bar and is open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11.00am to 2.00 pm. It stocks a wide variety of pre-owned clothing along with household goods, CD's, DVD's and books. Visitors browse in the shop and often meet friends and have coffee in the cafe next door.

During the winter months, a popular monthly Car Boot sale is held in the car park behind the seafront.  Both local expats and Turkish people sell their excess items here, and  this has also developed into a great winter fixture and meeting place.

The money that we raise funds a wide variety of projects to help disadvantaged children, including playground equipment, computers, books and science equipment for schools; specialised hearing aids and medical equipment for individual children, 15 bursaries to enable students to attend University, and support for Special schools and Rehabilitation Centres. We also fund the rent and equipment for an English Learning Centre giving free English lessons to poorer children.

In the past year we have also helped support an autistic child's education and various adaptations to a school for the disabled

This is all possible thanks to the generosity of local residents and tourists alike, who donate unwanted items for us to sell in our shop.

We always welcome your donations for sale at the shop and would love to see you at our events or shopping with us.


We always need new volunteers, so whether you would like to join our committee or work in our shop, we would love to hear from you.

Please also visit our Facebook group: Calis Children's Charity.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/136984733042545/



Taken from the Embrace Facebook Page


Embrace Fethiye Childrens Health Charity. We have been in existence for over 8 years. ALL the money we raise is spent on children with some form of health problems. We have provided hearing aids at a cost of 5000 lira per child. We instigated the eyesight testing for children with eye problems paying for hundreds of glasses, treatment and operations. This was conducted over the whole of the Mugla area with the Teachers from the schools identifying the children with eyesight problems. We have paid for several operations which are not covered by the government health scheme. We have built a bungalow for two young boys who will eventually lose both their hands and feet and are currently helping a young girl who is fighting cancer.

We are always grateful for any donations so please think of us if you are having a sort out. Anything saleable is needed ie. Clothing and household items shoes, toys etc or anything that would be suitablefor either a Raffle prize or Tombola prize as we are able to raise a lot of money from these items. Your help would be much appreciated as there are a great many children needing help. The Shop in Gunlukbasi is down a side street almost opposite the Police station and next door to the Wella hairdresser and we have a small storage area at Bambu restaurant on Calis beach. We can collect items if necessary so please contact the site if you have any donations you need collecting.


Link to the facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1446830008864944/


Embrace also arrange coffee mornings, table top sales and special evenings in order to raise more funds and awareness.



As copied from the animal aid leaflet.  

Animal Aid now have a shop open in Hisaronu and are always happy to see you.


Animal Aid was started in 2008 by two local ex pat ladies who came together with the aim of helping their local street animals. Since then Animal Aid has grown and now has a dedicated group of volunteers working continuously to improve the welfare of street animals in the Fethiye area of Turkey. Our primary aim is to raise funds and awareness in order to provide for their welfare in the following areas: neutering and returning Rescue and veterinary care fostering and aftercare Purchase supplies to aid the Belediye run animal shelter Although Animal Aid are not affiliated with the council run shelter we do help them with food and medication supplies on a regular basis. Animal Aid is a registered charity 100% of funds raised go to the animals We are all local volunteers


If you see street animals that need urgent care.

Rescue and veterinary care in the case of an injured animal time is of the essence. Please act upon this immediately and take the injured animal to a local vet. Please email Animal Aid if advice or assistance is required.


Neuter and return can only be successful with the help of everyone. We can arrange: neutering appointments Cat baskets & traps (small deposit payable) e kindest way to reduce the cat and dog population is by using the neuter and return programme. After neutering, we always return the animal to the same area because it is familiar to them. Street animals are part of the Turkish way of life, this will not change. We can however reduce these numbers considerably by stopping the births of unwanted animals. A neutered street cat will have a clipped or cut left ear, a street dog a tag on their left ear.


How do we do it? We organise fundraising events throughout the year:  themed social events Car boots and table top sales Raffles Karaoke nights Annual events Boat trips Summer stand on Calis beach front Your support is vital to our continued success and we are always open to new fundraising suggestions. donationS We always need donations such as clothes, bric-a-brac, books, raffle prizes, any unwanted items and of course cash. To donate via please go to our website: www.animalaidfethiye.com



This charity offers vetinirary care, a home and food for abandoned animals.  The shelter is quite close to Dalaman. 

They offer a safe refuge for not only animals that they hope may be homed, but, for those that have no hope of finding a home, such as those missing a leg, are blind etc.

Turkan Dagdelen, is the founder of the charity and the home has emergency and hospital rooms, dog, cat and donkey pens. 

They also try and educate people locally as into the care of animals.

They have a charity shop, near to the shelter and also have special events to raise awareness and funds for the home

To raise awareness and funds, they have organised the following:


Hayed is a couple of the animal aid charities  combined into the one.    They have a facebook page, giving information of their events and what they do.




Like all the charities, they are in need of volunteers.


Their web page link is http://haydos.org/?lang=en

Their facebook page is   https://www.facebook.com/groups/830190837037796/



Please check our blogs for charity events.   


Like all charities, donations and volunteers are always needed, so if you are thinking of buying a property in Ovacik, renting an apartment in Hisaronu, retiring to Fethiye or any of the local resorts, you can help in many ways.

Many of the charities rely on ex-pats to keep going. so if you find your property in fethiye,  please volunteer or attend the various coffee mornings etc.





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