The Buying Process In Turkey


Firstly, buying a property in Turkey is straightforward and simple if you know how, with Turkish law being based on the Swiss constitution and law.

Possibly the hardest part of buying a property in Turkey is choosing the one you wish to buy as there is such a variety of properties and prices.

We do recommend that you use a solicitor, as although not strictly necessary, it just keeps things nice and smooth and of course, gives peace of mind.

Unlike in the UK property in Turkey is generally, freehold even apartments, with all homes on a complex/in a block, owning an equal share of the land between them.  There are exceptions to this rule, but, generally, not in the areas we cover.



The initial non-refundable reservation deposit (usually £1,000)

If you are buying off plan, there will then be:

First stage payment

Second stage payment depending on time scales

Final payment when you receive your Title Deeds (TAPU).

However, if you are buying a re-sale property, usually you will just pay a holding deposit and then the full deposit usually around 5-10% of the sale price of the property, (the holding deposit would be deducted from this sum) and the balance is paid upon completion.   All moneys are held by your solicitor, unless it is an off-plan purchase when it would generally be held by the builder.

A solicitor will typically charge £600 for their services, to this you need to add the purchase tax (3% on the declared value of your property in Turkey (set to go back to 4% in October 2018), accommodation tax, water and electricity connections charges, notary fee and translation fees.

If selling the solicitor will charge £600 to hold your power of attorney and to handle the transfer or deeds etc.

Prices are subject to change.

Other Costs are set out below.


 Initial Outlay

  • Translation of Passport at the Notary Office: £40 Per passport
  • Notary Costs for Power of Attorney: £100
  • Government Mapping Fee for Military Clearance: £400 and
  • One off Deed Office Fee of around 250tl

Final Stage Costs

  • Purchase Tax: 3% of purchase price  This rises October 2018 to 4%.
  • Duty Tax/Fixed Tax to the Deeds Office: £65
  • DASK (Compulsory Government Insurance): £90-£150 (Depends on size of property)
  • Utilities (Changing utilities in to your name): £80-£180
  • Estate Agent Fee: 3% of the purchase

Additional costs to consider

  • Private Insurance (Buildings & Contents) Approx. £150
  • Annual Maintenance charge as set by the builder/committee

Approximate annual ongoing payments

  • Council Rates & Property Taxes: £150-£200
  • DASK ( Compulsory Government Building insurance): £ 90-£150 (Depends on Size of property)
  • Electricity/Gas & Water - Dependent on personal consumption

*All the above costs are for guidance purposes only and are subject to change as set by the government and also changes in exchange rates where prices are given in sterling.

Kindly note, it is your responsibility to check that your solicitor, if you or your representative have not done this procedure yourself, that all utilities are registered in your name(s)


What Documents Do I Need To Purchase A Property In Turkey?

Your passport details are required to purchase a Turkish property along with a local tax number. We will take you to the tax office to obtain a local tax number for you. Your tax number is also required to open your bank account in Turkey, banks vary as to wishing proof of your residence in the UK so it is useful to have a copy of a utility bill that you have paid and also a council tax bill. You will also need two recent photographs (4cm x 6cm); you can get them done locally.



How Long Before You Move Into Your Property In Turkey?

This is dependent on if you are buying on a site, if a property has been sold there, previously to a non- Turkish national, as a military check is necessary on the property to ensure it is not in a restricted area and that it is fine for a non- Turkish national to buy there.   If a military check has been carried out on the site or individual property in the last few years, then it is deemed as unnecessary and will not need to be done again.  In this instance, your purchase can be completed as soon as your funds are ready.

If the above check has not been carried out, then dependent upon the Turkish Government offices it may take up to 3 months to receive the final Freehold Title Deeds (Tapu) for your Turkish property. First your application goes to a regional Tapu office then to a Military Head office in Izmir to check the property is not in a restricted or Military Zone. This is really a formality and when everything is approved, it takes just one day to complete the property transfer

 Once approval has been granted you go to the Tapu office with a translator to sign your freehold ownership documents. thereby, completing The Purchase Of Your Property In Turkey

Both the vendor and buyer must be represented at the Land Registry Office for entry of the Title Deed into the Land Registry. Most buyers prefer to go to Turkey to attend personally, although it is not necessary as you can appoint a Power of Attorney (usually your solicitor) to attend in your place.


How Do You Pay Your Household Bills For Your Property In Turkey?

You can pay most of  your household bills on your property in Turkey by standing order/direct debit, much the same as in the UK.

Do You Have To Pay Tax If You Sell Your Property in Turkey?

At present, if you sell your Turkish Property within the first 5 years  of your ownership there is a 15% sliding scale property capital gains tax due on any profit.   After 5 years it is capital gains free. Any tax paid to the Turkish government will be offset in the UK due to the Reciprocal Taxation agreement between Turkey and the UK.




At the time of obtaining your deed you will be required to take out a compulsory earthquake insurance policy, called a DASK policy however, this does not cover you fully in the event of an earthquake and does not cover you for other things, such as flood, burglary etc.,   Therefore, as in the UK, it is advisable to take out standard household insurance which also includes a top up for the earthquake policy.


Are Mortgages Available For Buying Property In Turkey?

Mortgages in Turkey are now available to all EU residents who wish to buy property in Turkey, however, we do advise if you can, for you to obtain in the UK as interest rates there are lower, if you have a good amount of equity in your UK home, releasing part of this works out much cheaper than getting a mortgage here in Turkey.

Healthcare  For Non Residents

Most European health insurances are accepted in Turkey, and many hospitals have very good interpreters. English is spoken in most private doctors’ surgeries (although you can get most common European medicines without a prescription at the pharmacy), and if you need special medication you can check for availability at the pharmacy first. The standard of medical and dental care is very high,.   However, when travelling with Holiday Insurance, please double check if your policy is accepted at Private Hospitals as over the last year or two, many insurance companies now will only cover people if they go to the State Hospital.   Fethiye State Hospital does have a tourism department, but, this we believe is only open in the day time.

If you are coming to live here full time then you will require a proper comprehensive long term policy in order to obtain a resident permit, this must cover you for all medical conditions/hospital stays.   We can point you to companies who offer such policies, many banks of course, offer them too.

Residents Visa

You can stay for a maximum of three months in Turkey with your 90  in 180 day a multi entry tourist visa, however to replace this with a residents visa  a link to information supplied by the Turkish Consulate is below,  it is a much easier process than it used to be.

There is also a great resource on social media with valuable information which is generally accurate, if you wish to know exactly what you need to do for your residence permit, obtaining a car etc., please ask in the office and we will guide you to the site/page.

Kindly note all information given is for guidance, laws and regulations are subject to change.

















Areas that are covered by our office are:

                                                                                Area Information


Why Buy a property for sale in Fethiye.


Fethiye is a fast growing township that is aspiring to City status, which will mean property prices likely, will increase and there will be more funding for the infrastructure, making the area even better to live in.

 Fethiye, is a bustling market town, the main market day is on a Tuesday, when you will mix with the locals and where we buy our fruit and veg, herbs and spices, wooden spoons and the odd tee shirt.   In the main market place there is also the villagers market, (small holders) selling their fruit veg and spices on a Friday plus on a Saturday there is the Patlangic market, which is a smaller version of the Tuesday market.  Calis, Ciftlik, Uzumlu and Seydi Kemer also have weekly markets as does Hisaronu.

If you buy a property for sale in Fethiye, you will find you will spend a lot of time in an area of natural beauty, the harbour area is stunning, the sea is generally calm, there is of course a mountain backdrop, the promenade is beautiful, with parks, a community centre where shows and displays are put on (usually for free), a jogging track and juice cafes, restaurants and bars. 

You will find the banks, hospitals, main post office, lots of shops, the shopping centre, Paspatur with it’s cover of umbrellas’s, duck pond, traditional restaurants, shopping and café’s, the bus stations, to include Otogar where you can hop on a coach to many parts of Turkey, supermarkets, cinemas, bowling and so much more.

There are rock tombs in the mountainside, more tombs dotted around in the centre of Fethiye and Karagozler, a museum, an ampitheatre, statues and obelisks, making this wonderful place full of history as well as a practical place to live.

With oh so hot Summers and generally warm Winters, to buy a property in Fethiye is to invest in a lovely lifestyle, where, you will want to stop and stare, taking a slow breath whilst admiring the natural beauty of the area.

There is a large ex-pat community in Fethiye and some active charities, so, if you do live here, what with the charities always needing volunteers, from organising special evenings, craft fayres and working in the charity shops, to helping out at the animal shelters, to going on long walks with the walking groups, taking Turkish lessons, getting on your bike, quiz nights, special nights with guest singers, bars, restaurants, eating at the fish market, going on the water taxi to Calis, you will be spoilt for choice and even days where you do absolutely nothing but sit on your balcony or terrace watching the ever changing mountain views, time will whizz past and you will wonder where your day has gone. 

To buy a house for sale in Fethiye, is to pay for perfection, it really is a great place to live in.


Why Buy a property for sale in Calis?


If you buy a property in Calis, you can enjoy the benefits of Fethiye easily enough, as you can walk to Fethiye along the shoreline or just jump on a bus.

There is a lovely promenade in Calis, very popular on a Sunday with the locals, where they stroll along with their families and picnic on the beach.

The beach here is extensive, the sea is inviting, the sunset is very famous and justly so, you can look over to Sovalye (Knights) Island and admire the homes there from a distance and wonder about the Knights of St.John who once built a small castle and carried out their piracy from there.

Calis is now very much a residential area as well as one for tourism, the properties for sale in Calis, are great as full time or holiday homes, as there are supermarkets, the popular Gunlukbasi Sunday Market (another smaller version of the Tuesday market, in Fethiye.)  The main state hospital is in Calis, as is the court house.   A new area of parks is under construction, which will make Calis an even better place to live in then it currently is.


With lots of places to eat and drink at, beautiful views, especially at the time of sunset, friendly locals, a charity shop, quiz nights, shopping facilities and very friendly locals, it would be hard not to be happy here.   Windier than Fethiye, there is usually a lovely breeze here in the summer, to help keep you cool. To buy a house in Calis, is to enjoy the best of both Worlds, living in a sea-side village, yet, close to a busy town.


Why Buy a property for sale in Ovacik?

Set in the mountains, buying a property in Ovacik is popular choice as the views are spectacular being in the mountains it is often breezy making this a great year round or holiday base.   Properties for sale in Ovacik are a mixed bag, apartments, villas, some on very large land plots, new builds, off plan and a good choice of re-sale properties.

Close to Hisaronu, Fethiye and Kaya Village, a mere bus ride away from the famous beaches of OluDeniz, Ovacik has a lot to offer whether you live here year round or have bought for holiday useage. 

Generally quieter than Hisaronu, there are bars and restaurants, some of which are nowadays, open year round and offering special evenings, such as curry nights, quiz nights and beautiful breakfasts. 

There are supermarkets with Migros Sok and Bim, the popular Monday market in Hisaronu, the council offices and post office being open year round.

Ideal in the Summer, buying a holiday home in Ovacik,  also offers good rental opportunities, giving a reasonable return of around 7-8% on your investment and is a popular holiday location choice.  To buy a house for sale in Ovacik, is to buy a dream home in a dream area.




Why buy a property for sale in Hisaronu?

Usually a busy and lively resort, Hisaronu is perfect for buying a holiday home, great for rentals in the Summer months you should be able to achieve a reasonable return of around 7-8% on your investment and of course, have quality time in your villa or apartment in Hisaronu.

With plenty to do, from the weekly market on a Monday, to jumping on the bus and visiting the agricultural area of Kaya with it’s ghost town, forestry walks and sense of a more traditional Turkish village, hopping on another bus down to OluDeniz for a lovely beach day, or go the other way into Fethiye with it’s stunning harbour and marina, going on one of the organised tours, eating out and plenty to do of an evening, you really will have fun owning a property in Hisaronu.  

Should you plan on living here full time, not only are there the benefits above, but, you get to go to the beaches year round as the weather is generally mild in much of the  Winter, you can join the various walking groups, keep fit classes and spend some quality time in Fethiye.   To buy a villa for sale in Hisaronu is to buy a Super Summer Life-style that is pretty great in the Winter too.


Why buy a property for sale in Kaya Village?

Properties in Kaya rarely come onto the market for sale, but, when they do, they are usually full of character.  If you buy a property that is for sale in Kayakoy, you will be surrounded by history and nature.  Cooler in the Summer than Fethiye, it is a very peaceful place, where you can fully relax.  If you like to walk, Kaya is perfect, there is forestry, the Lycian walk cuts through part of Kaya, walking up through the ghost town to admire the sea views from the top or even, going back down the other side to the beach from there, climbing up to the ruins of the monastery within the forest or just going to one of the traditional restaurants in the area and eating a lovely village breakfast,  gozleme pancakes or a barbecue, to live in Kaya is to want to be outside as much as you possibly can.   Perfect for retiring to, this area too, is good for holiday/rental homes, offering something a bit different from the usual.  To buy a cottage for sale in Kaya Village is to buy a relaxed life-style.


Why Buy a property for sale in Uzumlu?

Uzumlu is in the countryside around half an hour’s drive from Fethiye.  Like most of the general Fethiye area, a property for sale in Uzumlu, is likely to come with wide ranging mountain views and friendly neighbours.  Uzumlu has a lovely village centre, the buildings are quite old and full of character, the streets cobbled, outside the village centre and the weekly market is great for buying your fresh produce and some hand made lace. You can find lovely detached villas for sale in Uzumlu as well as apartments and traditional style Turkish homes.  There are a lot of ex pats living in the area, who like to blend in with the locals, making friends and joining in with local life.  Saying that, they do arrange charity evenings and local restaurants have special evenings and offer lovely food.  Close to Fethiye for the weekly shop and Calis for a Sunset cocktail.  Buying a house for sale in Uzumlu offers a peaceful lifestyle and a lot of property for your money.


Why Buy a property for sale in Seydi Kemer?

Recently upgraded from a village to a town, this is a growing area with the benefits of relatively low priced houses for sale in Seydi Kemer, usually with large gardens and often with swimming pools.  The properties for sale in in this area are mainly villas rather than apartments and have great views over the surrounding countryside and mountains.   There is a regular bus route to Fethiye and also into Kalkan, Kas and Antalya, making it a great base for getting around.   To buy a house in Seydi Kemer is to buy peace and quiet, in a lovely setting.


Why buy a property for sale in Gocek?

Gocek is a harbour and marina town, there is a lovely water-front  with a nice blend of café’s and bars in which to while away your time.   Many private yachts are moored here as well as those for rent and also, there are yacht builders in Gocek.   The area is another one, full of natural beauty, with a relaxed pace and friendly people.  To retire here would be a joy, to holiday here, would be a truly relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of modern life.  Betwixt Fethiye and Dalaman, it is also a great base for if you want to fully explore the region.












































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