Quirky Turkey - Proverbs, the birds and the bees, the odd flea oh and some Cabbage too!


When researching, cabbage was not supposed to come anywhere in this, but, the one that made me laugh, that I am going to learn off by heart in order to use it, in instances where in the UK I would use the phrase ‘I do love fluffy kittens’, the perfect opt out phrase.  

just had to be included and be first used.

Bu ne perhiz, bu ne lahana turşusu      what is this diet?  What is this pickled cabbage

(used to point out inconsistencies in behaviour or words.)    



Vakitsiz oten horozun basini keserler. -

The cock that crows too early gets his head cut off.        (There is proper time for everything. )    



 Sinek kucuktur, ama mide bulandirir. -

(The fly is small, but it can upset your stomach.) Used when an event that seems insignificant to others, still bothers a person 


Kuzguna yavrusu sahin gorunur. 

(To the raven's eye, its chicks look like falcons.) Used to express the feeling that any baby looks beautiful to its mother.   



Pire icin yorgan yakmak. –

(Burning a bedcover for a louse.) Used when an action taken does not match the unimportance of the situation.    


Pireyi deve yapmak - Don't turn a flea into a camel
​ "making a mountain out of a molehill" 



Bitli baklanın kör alıcısı olur.

Literal translation: Wormy beans will have blind buyers.           Meaning: Even worthless things find a buyer.



Nerede arı, orada çiçek veya tam tersi.   Where there is a bee there is a blossom and vice versa.


And one in English, from our office in Hisaronu,    When a tortoise wanders past our office, there will be food, a camera and a business card!






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