A bit about Kurban Bayram

Kurban Bayram is  the Muslim Holiday of the Feast of the Sacrifice.

This is to commemorate Ibrahim’s (Abraham’s) willingness to sacrifice his son to God as a sign of faith which sacrifice was not required and was commuted to the sacrifice of a goat instead. (as in the Torah and the Old testament in the Christian Bible) 



This is a time of family and charity and many families will sacrifice an animal, most often a goat or sheep and the meat from this will be given to the poor (often via a mosque) and to neighbours and family.  Nowadays, not everyone chooses to sacrifice an animal themselves but instead give the sum they would spend on an animal to a charity such as the Red Crescent or Losev (cancer charity for children with leukemia).  


You may see collection boxes for these charities in the local shops and supermarkets and of course the airports all donation are of course, gratefully received and put to very good use.  (they are not allowed to collect door to door though).


Over the last few years, people are no longer allowed to carry out the sacrifice in their gardens/on the street and have to get this done in a place designated by the local council,  in the Fethiye area, this would usually be where the Tuesday market is held for smaller animals and for larger ones in Catalarik.  However, some people still prefer to do at home so you do need to watch out for this.



There are bank holidays for this period and there are also public council holidays.

Monday 20th August - closed half day (from lunch time 12.30pm)
Tuesday 21st August - closed all day
Wednesday 22nd August - closed all day
Thursday 23rd August - closed all day
Friday 24th August- closed all day


Local Government offices will be closed for the week of 20-27th August, which would include the deed office and council tax offices.      


In touristic areas, most businesses and transport facilities will operate as usual, but cash machines may run low with a larger gap than usual to wait for refilling.

With the longer holiday period for government employees, it also means roads will be more congested, as will beaches and hotels should be full.

Happy Holiday  

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